Remember The Face was founded by Christina Miner. The name was given to her while performing during a convention in 2010 before various casting directors, agents, and managers in the industry. After she performed many people were coming up to her saying “we cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do with you”. Jokingly Christina continued to inform people “remember the face”. She had no idea this name would become a networking business that would assist with transforming and developing lives throughout the east coast.

In life people desire for everyone to remember them preferably by name, but that is usually rare. Therefore, we hope people will at least remember our face. In the entertainment industry the face is powerful, because the first encounter we have with casting directors is through a head shot of our face. While networking we hope to make an impression on those around us. A face is hard to forget. As we network our face is the first encounter that leads people to see our true being. Our face can lead us into an opportunity. Remember The Face is generating opportunities for people to network and discover information and meet other individuals who desire a fulfilled life. A fulfilled life is one that is completing their assignment on earth. Remember The Face is excited and eager to assist all individuals ready to pursue destiny!

The mission of Remember The Face
is to bring multiple people together to educate, empower, and inspire.


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